Ethics of the Cabins, eco-responsible

United by our passion for the living world, we have succumbed to the charm of living in harmony with the forest and its inhabitants. In 2019, we renovated this former summer camp, a jewel nestled in the heart of the Parc du Haut Languedoc. Alain made his beekeeper's dream come true with the installation of his apiary and honey house , while Anne-So' brought a yoga room to life. The cabins in the forest are adorned with pastel shades, creating a magical world, a timeless escape for your vacation.

The Hestia Cabins are much more than just a place of accommodation, they are the scene of an adventure of recharging and reconnecting with oneself. A ""forest break"" designed to bring you back to basics, to the very heart of your deep nature.

The delicate murmurs of the streams compose the soothing melody of our domain. With us, the cars stay in the parking lot, 200m from the cabins . With this in mind, the internet is accessible at the "Préau", and in the cabins, there is no microwave (but an oven), no television, no Wi-Fi. Here, you can contemplate the flowers that bloom with a magical tranquility, far from the noise of everyday life. ✨️

We position ourselves as defenders of eco-responsibility, fully invested in green tourism, embracing a sustainable and responsible approach. An experience where you will help feed our chickens with your food waste, cleverly separating the peelings for compost and the rest for selective sorting. Our beliefs align perfectly with the values of the Park!

From the very first steps of Les Cabanes, this philosophy has been at the heart of our work.We use local companies, favor noble materials for our trays, opt for environmental paints and only use natural products for maintenance. Here, each renovation, restoration, and rehabilitation is an ode to giving cabins and objects a second life!

The forest welcomes us with open arms, and in return, we commit to protecting it with dedication! ♻️